Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Comic stuff

Ok, I've been busy last week doing exams so I had little time to update new stuff. Trying to combine computer science and art. Pull everything together. And get drunk at the same time. Arrgh. I decided to show the sneak-preview of the comic I'm currently working on as a colorist - about the life of the Jesus. Wonderful pencils are by Dalibor Talajić, unfortunatley he still doesn't have his blog (napravi ga!) so none of his other stuff that I can link... Colored by your's truly, of course 8o)


Frano said...

Eej, neznam šta mi je bolje, spihotičnost prve, svitlo u drugoj ili jednostavno odlicno obojena treca slika :D.

Ive said...

uh uh hvala morat cu te unajmiti ko profesionalnog ostavljaca komentara ali neces dobiti pivu :))
mozda malo gruma.

Marin said...

daj mu režeka :D